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Your Dreams Matter

The Pathway to Retirement Process

At BluePine Financial, our mission is to create comprehensive financial strategies that help you reach new heights and explore new horizons. We created our Pathway to Retirement process to help address essential aspects of the planning landscape and help give you a clear view of the retirement route that will carry you toward the top.

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Trail Talk

Our initial visit is all about strategy. We’ll discuss where you want to go during retirement and how we can help you get there. We’ll also start mapping a path to help you avoid pitfalls and discover the breathtaking vistas you’ve long envisioned.

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Gear up

During this strategy meeting, we start equipping you with the tools to help you navigate your sensational retirement adventure. Together, we’ll identify financial products and strategies designed to help fuel your retirement ascent.

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The Journey Begins

After you thoroughly review your Pathway to Retirement strategy and agree to embark on this venture with us, we finalize the details of the journey and help lead you on those exciting first steps toward freedom.

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Start Your Climb

This is the moment you’ve dreamed about; it’s the time when we implement your plan and you begin your trek along the Pathway to Retirement. As you soak in the sights and sounds on your march toward the financial summit, we monitor your progress and help you weather storms that may arise.

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